Tally Hockey Jerseys

In 2007, Tally Hockey Jerseys opened for business in San Diego, CA.  Beginning on day one, we focussed on delighting hockey teams with great customer service, high quality hockey jerseys and fantastic embroidered twill team logos.

Today, Tally is growing to be the #1 brand of hockey jerseys among teams and associations looking for great jerseys at a reasonable price.

In 2022, to respond to growing demand we will open our 2nd shop and our first in Canada.  When we open our shop in Canada, we plan to double the number of jersey styles we offer.

Contact us.  We'll design your team logo to match any of our jerseys for free. 

Choose one of our over 100 jerseys with embroidered twill team logos.  These jerseys are ready to be customized for your team and shipped right away.

We look forward to serving you.  We'd like your team to be the next one we feature on our Facebook and Instagram pages.


Dave Dykes

Tally Hockey Jerseys


Return Policy:

Tally Hockey Jerseys will repair or replace any Tally jersey that is defective or incorrectly customized.  Please contact info@tallyhockeyjerseys.com and we will repair or replace your jersey within 1-2 days of receiving it.